Something Special will help you express your style!

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About Us

"Something Special" is a brand new site created by a group of sisters with a passion for creativity. We have a range of talents that work well together. We believe that working doing what you love brings many rewards and giving yourself freedom of fashion is the key to a happy heart.


The Girls

Sarah: Woodworking, clothes design, weaving, painting, poetry, and a lifelong dream of getting "off the grid" using green building design.

Chimene: Beading, sewing, crochet, clothes design, and leather-work.  as a mother with a forever broken heart, she puts passion into what she makes, you can never go wrong with her beautiful pieces.

Summer: Quilting, beading, and Local Hair and Make-up. She is a hard working mom and while she loves to work hard she is now turning to home business for her happiness and is ready to create to her full potential.

Gifts for your spirit

Something Special is always open! Our shop is a treasure box of unique and dazzling goodies you wont find anywhere else. We custom make everything you see. From Blankets, weaving, jewelry sets, skirts, shirts, accessories, leather pieces, curtains, and YES even treasure boxes and glass design we can make it all! Have an idea? let us know whats on your mind and maybe we can help you make it real! We never use cheap shortcuts, or flimsy stitching. What you get here should last (with your love and care). We take pride in what we make with our own hands and use only the best materials possible. Some things are delicate and must be taken care of as such to last forever but you will find we put great care and love into giving you "Something Special" that lasts!

, New Mexico

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